A four-week study and sermon series beginning April 22 & 23

Beginning April 22/23, Glen Mar will be starting a sermon series entitled "Living Generously". There is a 4-week study entitled "To Whom Much is Given" that you may use to supplement the sermons, either at home, on in your small group.

"To Whom Much is Given" centers around four distinct roles embraced by the followers of Jesus Christ:

  • As His disciples, our attitudes toward finances and giving must be rooted in acknowledgement of Biblical truth
  • As His children, our obedience matters to the Father and yields abundant fruit
  • As members of His family and this church, we are to inquire of the Lord regarding our participation in the work He is doing in and through this fellowship
  • As His stewards, we will pursue creative ways to contribute that confirm the level of our commitment and the depth of our individual faith

Other related studies that are available are as follows:

  • "Be Transformed"- The objective of this 4-week video-driven course is to enrich the participant’s sense of peace and well-being through their faith. The general approach of the program is practical application of Biblical concepts to advance God’s desire to sanctify His people to progressively reflect inwardly the heart of His Son. The anticipated result of the program for those who authentically engage the study is that their life will feel more peaceful, more hopeful and have more interactive connection to God.
  • "Money Matters" - This 3-week course examines what the Scriptures teach us about wealth and giving: what the Bible say about how we should handle it, and why it matters.
  • "Give & Grow" – This 4-week course examines the telltale fruit that a disciple of Jesus will bear in the area of financial responsibility and stewardship. The way we manage the various resources with which we are entrusted indicates the degree to which we are rooted and growing in Truth – both in the Person, and in the Word.

Get the Study Materials

Study materials for each of the above studies are available for small groups or independent home study. The materials are on display on the Small Group Resource Center bookshelves located in Room 143 for review. Please contact the Small Group Resource Center at smallgroupresources@glenmarumc.org to make arrangements to get a copy of the materials for yourself or your small group.

Questions? Contact the Small Group Resource Center at smallgroupresources@glenmarumc.org .