Hurley #1: June 25 – July 1, 2017

In Hurley, VA, we create long-lasting relationships while building porches, bathrooms, roofs and making many other improvements in this impoverished Appalachian community. These trips are hosted by Hurley Community Development, Inc. Participants usually stay in the Community Center/Bunkhouse, or in the gymnasium at Hurley High School, which Glen Mar supports via our extreme fundraising programs.

The annual "Hurley #1" trip is typically taken in late June after the school year ends, and is the larger of our two Hurley trips.

Our team shared these "God Moments" from our June 2017 trip:

--- I would like to start by saying thank you to Glen Mar for allowing me to participate in the trip as I am not a member of the church. I was so impressed as the youth worked with the men on the roof, how they worked as a group, learned new skills and how they served so well together. From the ground, sometimes I felt that I did not contribute as much as the others, however, I got to know our homeowner and had wonderful moments with her. The last morning there, I spent helping our homeowner understand some of her bills, spoke with businesses to get them written off and to request paperwork to have compassion/financial requests granted for her. God gave me a place to use a gift "from the ground" as our team completed a roof. It was through those conversations on the ground, that God opened the door. God speaks to us in so many ways, he uses the tools that we have and the gifts he has given us. Just listen. - Mary S.

--- In today’s hectic, rushed environment, we often overlook the power of God and His impact in our everyday lives. Simply put, at Hurley, I was able to recognize more God moments, thus reviving my faith and allowing myself to depend more on God. A group of eight of us volunteered to play music at Tuesday evening worship service at World Evangelical Outreach (WEO) Church. Through the trust and worship of God, everybody in the church was able to experience the “joy and peace” that is promised to us from God. With our hands (and our voices), we were able to do God’s work in ways other than construction of homes and relationships. The joyful faces were a confirmation of God’s power and the reflection of how we should always thrive in God and worship Him in times of joy and sorrow, which will result in the overflow of God’s joy in us. - Alex N.