Haiti: April 13-21, 2019

Location: Merger, Haiti
Age: Adult, and youth with an accompanying parent
Participant Cost: TBD

Haiti is a country that all of us have heard about, but that few people would claim to understand. It has been both the richest and the poorest of lands in the New World. Though the first to be free of slavery, the history of its people has been marked by poverty and inequality. What does it look like, smell like, feel like to wake up in Haiti to the heat of another day, to greet friends in the street, to hear the sound of school children starting their day? Maybe you'd like to find out.

Glen Mar will be returning to Merger, Haiti on April 13-21, 2019, to a school that has been educating neighborhood children for ten years, and a hospital project that has made a difference in local healthcare. We'll live in the community for a week, play with the children, talk with the staff, learn what Haiti feels like, and put a little sweat in to help their work along.

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