Glen Mar's Search for Our Next Lead Pastor

Our current Lead Pastor, Matt Poole, who has served in that role since July 2010, has accepted the call to serve another church in Seattle, Washington, starting in November 2017.

Our Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is in the process of identifying Glen Mar's next lead pastor, and will share updates with the congregation here as more information becomes known.


September 10, 2017 - Interim Pastor Appointed
The Staff Parish ReRev. Rod Millerlations Committee (SPRC) is pleased to announce that Bishop LaTrelle Easterling has appointed the Reverend Rod Miller to serve as interim pastor. Rev. Miller’s appointment will commence November 1, 2017 and end June 30, 2018.

Rev. Miller recently retired from serving as the Lead Pastor for Towson United Methodist Church and is looking forward to providing interim support to our congregation until a permanent appointment is made.

He and his wife Carol live in Ellicott City and are eager to share in Glen Mar’s ministry.

August 28, 2017 SPRC Update at Ministry Connection Meeting
Scott Maynard, of our Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) discussed next steps in the process of identifying Glen Mar's next lead pastor. The SPRC is scheduled to meet with the District Superintendent (DS), during which time they will gather more information about the process and timing. In return, the SPRC will develop and share with the DC a profile of the traits and gifts that are important to us as a church community in a lead pastor. Also at the meeting, the DS will share his views on whether the lead pastor role will be filled immediately with a permanent placement, or if an interim pastor will be assigned until a permanent pastor is identified.

Scott reminded the gathering that, just as God was at work in calling Matt to meet the needs of a church in Seattle, God remains at work in Glen Mar and we should look forward with confidence to welcoming our next lead pastor. The SPRC will share updates with the congregation as more information becomes known.

Q & A

Many of you have questions about this process. As questions come to the attention of the SPRC, they will be answered here.

Did the Conference decide to reappoint Pastor Matt?
No. The decision to leave Glen Mar was not made by the Conference. Rather, Pastor Matt is faithfully responding to God’s calling. We will miss Pastor Matt, but Pastor Matt has always inspired with his preaching; now he inspires us by his obedience to God.

When will we know who will be our next lead pastor?
The next lead pastor will likely be selected in the first quarter of 2018. Therefore, it is likely we will know who our next lead pastor will be before the end of April.

When will the next lead pastor start?
The next lead pastor is expected to begin on July 1st, which is consistent with the standard appointment process of the United Methodist Church.

Do we get to interview candidates for the lead pastor role?
Within the UMC, pastoral appointments are made by the Bishop, with input from our District Superintendent. While we will have the opportunity to share with the District Superintendent the traits and gifts which we feel are most important to us, the actual selection is the responsibility of the Bishop.

Could Rod, our interim pastor, be named our next lead pastor?
No. Pastor Rod has agreed to suspend his retirement briefly to serve at Glen Mar on an interim basis. His appointment will end on June 30th.

If I have other questions about the appointment of our next lead pastor, who can I ask?
You can always reach out directly to any member of the Staff Parish Relations Committee, or send an email to Scott Maynard at