Many of Glen Mar's ministries offer weekly e-newsletters to help members of the congregation stay on top of the latest news and updates. Here's a list of our current e-newsletters and links where you can sign up.


Pastor's Ponderings

Pastor's Ponderings is a weekly publication usually written by Glen Mar's lead pastor, Matt Poole. Sign up here to get faith-building insights delivered weekly to your inbox!

The Messenger

Glen Mar's Messenger is a seasonal publication that provides the latest news on Glen Mar's ministries and a preview of what's to come. Sign up to receive the Messenger electronically.

The Family Vine

The Family Vine is a weekly e-newsletter offering the latest news for families with children in 5th grade and younger. Sign up for the Family Vine.

Middle School News You Can Use

News You Can Use is a weekly e-newsletter for middle schoolers and their parents offering the latest news and updates on Glen Mar's Middle School youth ministry. Sign up for Middle School News You Can Use here.

Middle School Sticky Faith

Designed with parents in mind, the Middle School edition of Sticky Faith equips parents of middle schoolers to have conversations about faith at home. Sign up for Middle School Sticky Faith here.

Sticky Faith: Youth Edition

Sticky Faith: Youth Edition is a weekly e-newsletter for high schoolers that offers reflections on faith and the latest information about upcoming events in Glen Mar's Senior High youth ministry. Sign up here.

Sticky Faith: Parent Edition

Sticky Faith: Parent Edition helps parents keep up with the latest news and events in Glen Mar's Senior High youth ministry. Parents of high school students can sign up here.