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It was the Thursday before my first Sunday with you, and I went to the Barnes and Noble Café to work on my sermon for Sunday. This was a familiar spot, as I had written many seminary papers there many years ago, fueled by "tall skinny mochas." As I sat there, I looked at the faces around the bookstore. There were teens already working on homework and folks studying for boards of varying kinds. There were patient employees and young moms and retirees. There were people in suits and people in scrubs. I wonder, I thought to myself, if Glen Mar is making a difference to them, and I wonder how God will help us do that. Do these folks come to Walk to Bethlehem? Do they get school supplies we deliver to neighborhood schools?

Then, as I was working away at my computer, some gentlemen appeared at my elbow and said, "You are Mandy, aren't you? The new pastor at Glen Mar? You don't remember me but..." And it turns out they are part of a Bible study that meets there, right in the Barnes and Noble. And then a couple at a nearby table overheard our conversation and they were talking about how much Glen Mar had blessed them when one of our pastors did the funeral for their dad. And then a young mom piped up and said, "Did you say Glen Mar? My child goes to the ELC and it is SUCH a blessing to us."

That's the blessing that you are, Glen Mar, just at one Barnes and Noble Café on one Thursday afternoon. I think when God wants something done, so often God sends you a text or gives you an idea or sends a group of you to go help and serve and shine the light of Christ. (And just this Sunday, you'll have the chance to donate to hurricane victims through a special collection for the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). 100% of your contribution goes to disaster relief.)

This week as we consider "flesh and spirit," we will look at Paul's often-used metaphor for our propensity to sin, that is, to miss the mark of what God intends for us, and the new life God offers to us. Does this mean our bodies, made in God's image, are now bad? And what does God do for us to make things right again? You won't want to miss it!

See you in Church,

Celebration and Thanksgiving for Pastor Rod's time with us
This weekend, September 22/23, during all worship services, we will be thanking and celebrating Pastor Rod for the gift of ministry and leadership he gave us this past year. We were truly blessed to have him as our interim pastor. Please come out to thank him for his leadership at Glen Mar.