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Life in the Bubble
You have probably heard people say that those of us who live in Howard County live in a bubble. We don't always understand other perspectives outside our bubble. We have access to great education, shopping, and other things that come with prosperity. When you venture out beyond our county and beyond our state for that matter, things begin to change in terms of perspectives.

I realized this on vacation this summer when we traveled to Montana. We had a layover in Las Vegas. Talk about bursting my bubble! I was confronted by too many slot machines to count and a lot of people wearing "Make America Great Again" shirts and hats - something I don't typically see in HoCo. We passed through Idaho and I saw farmers markets and concerts in local parks. Families with their kids playing at the lake and not a single person of another ethnicity. We had lunch at a roadside diner where old men flirted with waitresses in a way that would have led to a sexual harassment complaint in any of our places of work here in HoCo.

Then I realized we all have our bubbles. Idaho, Las Vegas, and Montana have their own bubbles, and it is not until we enter the other bubbles that we start to see the differences. Differences aren't good or bad, they are just different. Then I recently learned about the bubbles that get created on social media. Many people are not even aware that their social media accounts are filtered, and these accounts are simply narcissistic bubbles of our own making through various clicks and posts. The bottom line is that we all live in some type of bubble. These bubbles are not simply geographic, but ideological.

When I read the Gospels, I notice how many bubbles Jesus encountered. He was constantly crossing over into other bubbles and bursting the bubbles of the people in those cultures. He did this with a Samaritan woman, a Geresene man, and a Syrophonecian woman.

Then Jesus left the vicinity of Tyre and went through Sidon, down to the Sea of Galilee and into the region of the Decapolis. - Mark 7:31 (NIV)

We can see from this one verse that Jesus entered into three different cultural bubbles. Jesus was constantly entering and bursting bubbles during his ministry. He set an example for us to be followers who are willing to enter into the lives of others who may be different than our own. We are to cross into other bubbles to reveal Jesus to those in them because of God's big bubble of grace that we are all invited to.

When was the last time you talked about Jesus with someone who lives in another bubble? Do you ever think about leaving your bubble to talk to a person of another racial bubble or religious bubble or political bubble? Maybe it is time to leave our social media bubbles and go actually talk to people face to face. I imagine that heaven will surprise us all. The surprise is that who we meet there will burst all our bubbles.

Grace & Peace,