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"For just such a time as this." -- Esther 4:14b

You have probably heard that our bishop, Latrelle Easterling, has determined that it would be best to conduct a national search for Glen Mar’s new permanent lead pastor. Glen Mar can be pleased to know that those in positions of authority in the United Methodist Church are taking the unique spiritual leadership context of this church seriously.

The search process could take a bit longer than first planned. So, I have been asked if I would be willing to continue to serve as interim lead pastor until a new one is appointed. I responded affirmatively without hesitation.

I am excited and honored to be serving Glen Mar Church during this interim period. And I want you to know that, though I officially retired last June, there is no place I would rather be at this time in my life and ministry. No one needed to convince me nor am I putting anything on hold that I would prefer to be doing. Glen Mar is a wonderful congregation. It is a joy to partner with so many committed and gifted laity and staff in the broad-based ministry which is Glen Mar today.

I believe that I am at Glen Mar for “such a time as this.” This interim period is providing an opportunity for us to work on some aspects of the church’s ministry which have been in process for some time. Together we will continue to address what is in front of us in careful and intentional ways.

I am aware that the thought of an “interim” is new for many of us. I am grateful for your continuing support as we discover and grow into what this time is offering. I am looking forward to what the coming months make possible for us at Glen Mar Church.

Gracefully yours,