A Prayer for Late in Lent

Dear Glen Mar friends,

How is it with your soul this Lent? How have your disciplines and Lenten practices been going? I'm enjoying my daily N.T. Wright devotional very much. I wanted to share with you this poem/prayer from Daniel Benedict for your journey.

A Prayer for Late in Lent
God of the desert,
God of the forty years of wandering,
God of the forty days in the wilderness,
   bring us to the waters of the Jordan
   and into Easter's promise.
Sustain us in the remaining days of this Lenten desert
   so that at last we rejoice in the contrasts
      of fasting and feasting,
      of stones one side of the waters
         and of milk and honey on the other.
Steady us so that we are present
   to the rigors of each day's trek.
Let unsought silences and deprivations
   be occasions to "be overruled and swallowed up"
   in your vast action.
Turn hungers for the things that we left behind in Egypt
   into spiritual leanness glad for the Bread of Heaven.
Increase in us hospitality to the stranger.
Convert us as we journey
   with candidates for baptism and confirmation.
Subdue the enemy within us
   as you make peace in all the world.
Work repentance in your church
   until our unity in Christ overpowers
   our cherished divisions.
Go before us as the desert gives way to Easter's Alleluia.
Quotation from Evelyn Underhill's "Abba" based on her retreat address on the Lord's Prayer. Copyright © 2004 The General Board of Discipleship. www.umcworship.org.

This week, we will look at the anointing of Jesus at Bethany, from John's Gospel, as Mary anoints Jesus with expensive perfume as an act of love, preparation, and worship. I hope you'll join us as we walk with Jesus to the cross.

See you in Church,

Chili Cook-off Please come and support the Glen Mar chili team at the 9th annual "Hotter Than Thou" Chili Cookoff this Sunday, April 7, from noon - 2:30pm in the Great Room at Savage Mill, 8600 Foundry St., Savage, MD. Free admission, silent auction, raffle. All proceeds support Bridges to Housing Stability.

Prayer Vigil begins at 2:00 p.m. on Good Friday Will you pray with Jesus for an hour as part of our Holy Week journey? People are invited to pray as part of our Prayer Vigil at any time from noon on Good Friday through the Easter sunrise service. There is a regular signup sheet in the Gathering Place (and more than one person can sign up for a time slot). You can pray at home, or, if it's at a time when the building is open, you can come to church and pray in the chapel and walk the labyrinth. If you sign up, you will find it a blessing! Questions? Contact Marti Windram, marti.windram@glenmarumc.org.