A Brief History of Glen Mar

Glen Mar Church began on July 18, 1954, when 56 persons attended the first worship service. Meeting initially in what is now the Ellicott Mills Middle School and later in the basement of the home of members Morris and Mildred Smith, the new congregation grew quickly, and soon moved to a new building at the corner of Glen Mar and Waterloo Roads. 70 persons attended the first worship service there on January 23, 1955.

The new congregation grew steadily, and soon required additional space. A two-story education building was added in 1964. The 1980's brought a time of rapid growth, and a larger sanctuary and fellowship hall were constructed in 1989. By 1998 the congregation determined it had outgrown these three buildings. Over the next decade Glen Mar acquired a 21-acre site, built a new facility, and sold its original church. In 2008 the Glen Mar congregation relocated to its new campus at 4701 New Cut Road (at the intersection of Montgomery Road and New Cut Road, across from Brampton Parkway).

This move has enabled the Glen Mar congregation to continue its history of service to the community as well as its growing membership. Throughout its life, Glen Mar has been characterized by a strong emphasis on Bible study, mission, and ministries to children, youth, and families.

1953     Dr. Norman Trott and Mr. Ralph Smith explore a new church site near Glen Mar Road
1954     First service of Glen Mar UMC held at Ellicott City Junior High
1955     New church building constructed on Glen Mar Road
1957     William Hoffines is the first "Appointed Pastor" to Glen Mar
1958     Church bell purchased from Ridgely Street Presbyterian Church
1962     New education building consecrated
1972     Preschool started
1979     Dr. Anders Lunt called to lead the church
1989     First service held in new sanctuary
1994     Began strategic plan resulting with prominent lay ministries
1998     Facilities study team found present site unable to support long-term needs
2000     New land (21 acres) purchased for new church building at 4701 New Cut Road
2004     Celebration of 50th Anniversary and Ground Breaking for new church
2007     Construction began for new church
2008     Moved to the facility on New Cut Road
2010     Dr. Matthew Poole called to lead the church
2017     Rev. Rod Miller appointed Interim Lead Pastor
2018     Rev. Mandy Sayers called to lead the church