Back to school

Dear Glen Mar Friends,

This Sunday, we'll have the Blessing of the Chromebooks (and the teachers and the students). As a new year of learning begins, I wanted to give thanks for the teachers among us, for the work they do and the love and sacrifice that they show every day. We blessed several local schools with our Christmas Eve offering last year, and our schools, students and teachers have been especially close to my heart in this challenging season.

I offer the words to a hymn that I love to sing this time of year - Praise the Source of Faith and Learning (by Thomas Troeger). This hymn was played at my college convocation my freshman year in college.

Praise the source of faith and learning that has sparked and stoked the mind with a passion for discerning how the world has been designed. Let the sense of wonder flowing from the wonders we survey, keep our faith forever growing and renew our need to pray...As two currents in a river fight each other's undertow, til converging they deliver one coherent steady flow, blend O God our faith and learning, til they carve a single course - til they join as one returning praise and thanks to You, their Source. Amen.

See you online and in a "spot" at SNL,
Pastor Mandy

PS A reminder that Saturday Night Live Vespers will be moving to 5 pm starting tomorrow (and we'll have Paul and Dan Eschliman "in the house," along with the amazing Wendy Baird, by which I mean, "in the parking lot" so "Y'all come." And our Task Force For Re-Opening is taking things in stages, as we learn how to safely gather, so we will not have a "change in official status" even with Maryland moving into Stage 3, but we are working on plans in stages to welcome folks back in small groups when we are ready.