Dear Glen Mar friends,

We tend to operate from a Have-Do-Be model. What does that mean? If I had motivation, I would go to the gym and then I would be healthy. If I had money, I would buy a new car and then I would be successful. It occurs to me that God is always telling us "who we are" and then out of that, what we do, or "who God is" and therefore "who we are" and therefore "what we do." Maybe it would be better to operate from a Be-Do-Have model.

What if we said to ourselves, "I am a child of God, claimed by Christ, as Christ's own forever." And then, if that is true, what would we do? We would look at the world differently, and we would see our neighbors, and the people in our lives, as people God loves. We would probably pray and engage with the Bible. We would give to the church from our financial resources in an intentional way. We would serve others intentionally and sacrificially. We would invite our neighbors to be a part of our church. And if we do these things, we will grow in Christ, and we will have things like the fruit of the spirit - Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self-control.

This week in worship, we will continue our Covenant series, Made for Relationship, by looking at the 10 Commandments, given by a God whose name is "I Am, that I Am." Because of who God is, God calls us to be God's people. And out of that, we do certain things and then we are made more like Christ, we have growth, and eventually, what John Wesley called "sanctification." That is, growth in love to the point that we could even be made "perfect in love."

Come explore the gift of scripture, and learn what the law of love has to do with "God's Top 10."

I am (BE) by the grace of God, one of your pastors. I am glad to serve each day beside you, in ministry with you (DO) and I have the best job there is (HAVE).

See you in Church,

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