Because He lives

Dear Glen Mar Friends,

Holy Week was full of holy moments - from the kids waving palms to folks putting fresh flowers on the cross for Easter Day. You may think that Easter has come and gone, but in reality, Easter is a whole season in the church year (50 days long, starting with Easter Day), and we sing that "every day to us is Easter" because we follow our Risen Lord all year long.

In the coming weeks, we'll be looking at the difference Easter makes - in our lives, in our priorities and in our world, as part of the stewardship and discipleship series, "Because He Lives..." The chalkboard in the Gathering place is full of responses to the sentence "Because He lives..."

Because He lives, I will too.
Because He lives, I can love and serve in his name.
Because He lives, I can be generous and loving without fear.
Because He lives, I need not be afraid.
Because He lives, I can step out of my comfort zone.
Because He lives, I use my gifts in furtherance of the Kingdom of God.
Because He lives, my priorities are all different.

The Church for centuries has proclaimed "Christ is risen, He is risen indeed." What the world wants to know, I think, is, "So what?" What does it mean for how we live, and how we work, and how we use the time, talents and treasure we are given? There is real hope to be found in a risen Savior who reaches out to touch us, a risen Savior who is known by the mark where the nails have been, but who has won the victory for us and for all creation.

See you in Church,

Beth Shalom Congregation, our Jewish neighbors, invite us to attend their upcoming community Holocaust Commemoration Service: From Kristalnacht to Tree of Life, Uniting Against Hate, on May 1. The program begins at 7. Doors open at 6 pm with exhibits of Holocaust artifacts and survivor testimonies. This event is sponsored by the Howard County Board of Rabbis and the Jewish Federation of Howard County. Pastor Mandy will be attending.