Whether you are new to Glen Mar or seeking out ways to grow in your faith, we have a number of group options to choose from. Opportunities range from drop-in studies to ongoing groups of people who challenge and encourage growth over the years. We also have social groups whose focus is on fellowship, service, or mutual interests, such as bowling or knitting.

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*Growth Groups are small groups where Jesus Followers can grow with God, grow individually, grow with others in group, and grow with others in community.

View the Adult Growth Groups List to find the right group for you. Contact information for each group leader is provided.

If you would like assistance in finding a group, or if you are interested in leading or hosting a new growth group, contact growthgroups@glenmarumc.org.

To add your group to the list, or update your group's information, contact growthgroups@glenmarumc.org.

Group Resource Center

Visit our List of Resources for Groups page for a sortable, filterable list of Christian studies, books, reference materials, and movies that can be borrowed. Get more information about our Group Resource Center here.

Church-Wide Studies

Periodically, Glen Mar offers short-term church-wide studies that are held in conjunction with a sermon series. Those who are interested in participating are placed into new or existing growth groups for the duration of the study. Check back here and on the Current Happenings page for more details next time a church-wide study is underway.


Curious...About the Bible? About Christianity? About United Methodism? Wondering what’s next for you?

Check out Beginnings. Three short-term small group experiences. Everyone is welcome. No pressure, no risk, no homework. Information about new groups forming will be posted here and on Current Happenings.

Men's Ministries

The TGIW "Thank God It's Wednesday" Men's Group is no longer meeting. However, there are several Growth Groups geared toward men. Look for groups whose Audience is "men" in the Adult Growth Groups List.

Women's Ministries

United Methodist Women:
Glen Mar has a chapter of the United Methodist Women, the largest denominational faith organization for women with approximately 800,000 members whose mission is fostering spiritual growth, developing leaders and advocating for justice. Learn more.

There are also several Growth Groups that are geared toward women. Search the Adult Growth Groups List, entering the keyword "women" in the Search bar.

Social Groups

View the Social Groups List to find one that matches your interest. Contact information for each group leader is included.

If you are interested in leading or hosting a new social group, contact commlife@glenmarumc.org.

To add your group to the list, contact commlife@glenmarumc.org.

*Note: Growth Groups were formerly known as Small Groups.