About Our Group

Description: post-college aged believers, mostly singles and some couples

Meeting Day/Time & Location: Currently meeting online via Zoom, inquire to Sean.danaher@glenmarumc.org for Zoom link.

Type of Studies: Books of the bible and topical studies, but it depends on what the group wants to do

Level of Study: Basic to intermediate with some advanced studies

Facilitator: Sean Danaher, sean.danaher@glenmarumc.org

Average Attendance: About 10 people

Total Number of Members: About 14 people

Our group consists of post-college age believers that meet to grow spiritually, encourage and support one another, and occasionally meet off-site for a fun activity. Group members have been on mission trips, volunteered in several capacities at the church, and shared our spiritual transformation stories with others. We are looking for ways to continue to grow, give back to our community, and praise God. We are open to new members, because innovative ideas will keep our group exciting and fun.

Here are a couple of testimonials from group members:

Since the beginning of this group, Tuesdays have become a highlight of my week. Openly sharing my views of the bible and how it relates to life amongst similar aged Christians has been an enriching experience. - Jason
My life has been greatly enriched by the post-college bible study group. It is very nice to have a group of trusted friends to share my joys with, as well as to hear any concerns. I am able to discuss many things important to my life and my faith and it makes me stronger as a person as a result. The friends I've met in the group are wonderful and I cherish having met them. - Colin