About Our Group

Description: A short-term (8-week) group for Seekers, Starters, Returners, and Others (details below)

Meeting Day/Time: Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. for 8 consecutive weeks, beginning Apr. 30th.

Meeting Location: Glen Mar Church, Youth Lounge
Type of Study: Andy Stanley video and discussion

Level of Study: Basic

Facilitator: Jeff Wetstone
This is a new group, which will run for 8 weeks, focusing on having a conversation about faith. It is for:

Seekers: Those who are curious about God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity
Starters: Those who have just begun a relationship with Jesus Christ
Returners: Those who have some church experience, but have been away for a while
Others: Those interested in the basics of developing faith as an adult

We will share a meal, watch a message from Andy Stanley and then have a discussion. This will be a place where your opinions and beliefs are valued and no question is off limits.

* Welcoming environment. No cost for meals or books. No homework required. *