Joining Glen Mar

Glen Mar believes that involvement in a local faith community is a pathway for living out our call to follow Christ and be rooted in his life-giving message. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey with Christ, you are welcome at Glen Mar Church! We do not require membership of the church in order to worship, belong to groups, participate in classes, or serve in any ministries. However, for those who recognize God's call in their lives and wish to make an initial or ongoing commitment to follow Christ, membership in the church is an excellent way to celebrate what God is doing in out lives and live out the promise to follow Christ.

Ways to Join

  • Profession of Faith through the sacrament of baptism for those making a first-time commitment to Christ at any age. If you have not been baptized at any time in your life, baptism is a required part of joining the church. Contact
  • Reaffirmation of Faith for those who have been baptized and wish to reaffirm their commitment to Christ. If you have been baptized at any time in your life, it is not necessary to be baptized again.
  • Transfer of Membership from another United Methodist church or from another denomination.

Membership Process

1. Attend Glen Mar's Lunch with the Pastors. The first step is to learn about Glen Mar Church, ways to grow in your faith, expectations of membership and receive answers to your questions about our community. Contact, for details on the next meeting (most likely on Zoom).

2. Participate in A Disciple's Path group. After coming to Lunch with the Pastors, you are encouraged to participate in a six-session group study, which focuses on developing the spiritual practices to support your journey as a disciple of Christ, discovering the spiritual gifts God has given you, and identifying your next steps in ministry and mission through Glen Mar. Participation in A Disciple's Path is not mandatory, but it's a great way to connect with others who are new to the church.

3. Join the church through profession of faith with baptism, reaffirmation of faith, or transfer of membership during one of our worship services - usually in March and November.

Expectations of Members

Glen Mar Church is committed to helping you live as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ and take the next steps on the path of spiritual growth. The practices listed below help your inward development of faith and support outward expressions of Christian living.

  • Attend worship regularly
  • Study the Bible and read scripture devotionally
  • Belong to a growth group to grow in your faith
  • Tithe or give financially to the church in proportion to your income
  • Use your spiritual gifts in at least one ministry or mission to serve the world
  • Share your faith by your words and actions in daily life

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just attend Glen Mar Church and not become a member?

Yes, you can. Anyone who has been baptized is part of the family of God. People are at different points on their pathway of faith and Christian development as a disciple of Christ. You can attend or participate in the ministries of the church without being a member. We are here to support you where you are and help you grow in your faith.
I've been part of the United Methodist Church all my life. Why do I have to be part of a group?
We are grateful for your life-long commitment to Jesus Christ through the United Methodist Church and welcome you to be part of what God is doing through Glen Mar Church. Glen Mar has a vision and mission for rooting people in the life-giving message of Jesus Christ that we want to share with those who are part of our community. The A Disciple's Path group helps people in the church get to know one another and become connected to one another through the life and ministry of the church. Even long-time members of the United Methodist Church have found A Disciple's Path to be fun, informative and relationship building!
What are the vows for membership?
The vows are a covenant you make when joining our faith community. They can be found in the United Methodist Hymnal.

For more information, contact Pastor Melaina Trice by email at