Congrats Confirmands

Dear Glen Mar friends,

Pentecost is this Sunday, and it's the time when the Church celebrates the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is an unruly wind, a life-giver, a change-maker, that breathes new life into dry bones, and calls us forth to serve God and our neighbor in new ways. As part of worshipping together, we will hear Pastor Jen's "farewell" sermon to us after a decade of faithful service, as the Holy Spirit calls her to a new church. We will experience the Holy Spirit in song, and in scripture, and we will pray in the Spirit for our community and our church. And we will pray for and celebrate our new confirmation class.

These 8th-9th graders have completed many months of work learning about their Christian faith, and Methodism, worship and service, the Bible, and the foundations of our tradition, and about their own gifts and call to be a part of Christ's body here at Glen Mar. When they are confirmed (when we can gather safely), they will "confirm" and make for themselves the promises of the Christian faith:

  1. To renounce and reject evil and to repent of their sin
  2. To accept the freedom and power God gives them to resist evil, injustice and oppression
  3. To confess Jesus Christ as their Savior, put their whole trust in his grace and promise to serve him as their Lord, in union with the Church, which Christ has opened to all people
  4. To remain faithful members of the church and to serve as Christ's representatives in the world
  5. To serve Christ through our church and support it with their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.

There is no better witness to the continued presence and movement of the Holy Spirit than these confirmands, precious children of God: Cece, Paige, Maia, Lucy, Karina, Isabella, Sierra, Brianna, Zach, Jacob, Jonathan, Matthew, Austin, Isaac, Nathan L, Nathan P., Andy, Will, Keith, and Jake.

They are what the church is about, and they ARE the church, just like you and me. I'm grateful.

See you online,
Pastor Mandy

Glen Mar Church is still closed to the public. However, Glen Mar ELC has reopened. Online worship will continue on Sundays at 10 AM. Click for more information