Day of Service

Dear Glen Mar friends,

Wow! We had over 1800 people participate in our Day of Service on Monday. The numbers are impressive across the board. Together we packaged 114,400 meals, sewed 177 pillowcases, braided 278 jump ropes, assembled over 500 fishing kits, decorated over 50 dozen cookies, constructed 22 bunk beds, provided about 35 blood donations, assembled 288 health kits, made 45 no-sew blankets, trained over 100 people in CPR, and collected over 1,000 articles of clothing.

But more than the numbers...we welcomed the community to this place (or an off-site place), and there were smiles and hugs and there was the love of Jesus, for people who may not have a church home. There was the feeling in the air of what Dr. King would call a glimpse of the "Beloved Community" - what Jesus called "the Kingdom of God." I think people are hungry for connection, for belonging, and for making a difference to make our communities better, safer, and more loving. I think people are hungry for love, and for meaning, and eager to transform the world. In Christ, we find the ultimate love, meaning, and purpose and the ultimate transformation of the world. Jesus calls us to feed the hungry, to love the poor, to welcome the stranger. Glen Mar, when we are doing that, we are being the Church, the body of Christ, in powerful ways. You live out "Blessed to be a Blessing" every day. For Glen Mar, every day is a "Day of Service."

I'm grateful for everyone who helped make that event a success. I'm attaching pictures of the "Living the Dream" certificate and trophy that Glen Mar received, and a citation from Congressman Sarbanes' office. When the church is being the church, the community notices.

I see you, I know your name, you matter.

See you in Church, where we will continue our series "The Making of a Methodist" talking about another "Core Value": Discipleship.

Pastor Mandy

PS Here are some pictures of Glen Mar's "Living the Dream" award, and a Congressional Citation from Congressman Sarbanes' office.

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