Election Day

Dear Glen Mar friends,

On this Election Day, we give thanks for the right to vote, and for the blessings of living in this country. We pray for a full, fair, safe, and peaceful election, and for unity and brotherhood in working together for the common good in the days that follow.

I was thinking about a great sermon I heard once called, "Sunday's Comin'." It talked about all the travails of Jesus' last week (and the travails of our life together). Monday was full of pain and suffering, but..."Sunday's Comin'." I would invite you to join me in prayer for today and for this week, trusting that "Sunday's Comin'."

Our true King is not running for office today. His name is Jesus and he is our Lord, above all other loyalties. No matter what happens today, we have an important mission - to show and to share the love of Jesus, to be Christ's hands and feet in this world and to be "repairers of the breach, and restorers of streets to live in," as Isaiah writes.

One way some preachers express this is to say that the eagle, as beautiful as it is, does not fly higher than the cross. While I encourage everyone to vote today, I want to encourage us also, that our hope and our life do not reside in the outcome of what happens. Our hope is in Jesus Christ our Lord, and our work is to follow him, and to bend our lives and loyalties into the shape of the cross. Our job is to work for the Kingdom of God, which sometimes is expressed and seen in politics, and sometimes not. Where those circles overlap, you will find us at work. We are not called to abandon this work, but we can rest assured that, "the eagle doesn't fly higher than the cross."

See you "in church" - no matter what!
Pastor Mandy