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Disciple 1: Begin Your Bible Journey

September 22, 2021

34-Week Study
Disciple Bible Study will return to Glen Mar this fall! Orientation will be held September 22 at 7:00 pm. Sessions will be held on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm starting on September 29. Sessions will continue for a 34-week period.

What is Disciple?
Disciple Bible study is a small group experience during which you’ll journey together reading almost the entire Bible and discover your gifts for ministry, all through the disciplined study of Scripture.

Who should join Disciple?
Disciple is open to people who want to deepen their faith and relationship to God, regardless of how much they have studied the Bible in the past.

Sign Up
Sign-ups begin on September 5 and will continue through September 19. Sign up in the Gathering Place after worship services, or online below.


During the course, Disciple members will spend about 30 minutes individually each day in prayer and reading, and about two hours each week in a dynamic group meeting. These meetings will feature videos, group discussions and prayer.

Disciple I: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study is the required study manual. The manual costs $39.99. If you need financial assistance with the purchase of the study manual, please contact Pastor Heerak. Pastor Heerak has ordered the manuals which will save on tax and shipping. We intend to provide them at the first meeting. Your leader will discuss payment for the manual.

No. The most important thing is to spend time regularly with God and Scripture and to attend the weekly meetings to grow your relationships with other group members.

The Disciple journey invariably produces changed lives, renewals of faith and joyful Christian leaders.

Disciple 1 was the first time I had ever done Bible study as an adult and I'm grateful that I did it for two reasons: one reason is that it demonstrated to me how powerful it is to be part of a small group. The other reason is that Disciple 1 opened the door to the Bible for me. Here was this amazing collection of books, written by humans that had unique "God moments" that I virtually knew nothing about... That was more than 10 years ago, and today, I'm still studying the Bible, and I'm still in a small group! God always has a plan... --- Marilyn Boyle

Besides the in-depth knowledge of scriptures I acquired, Disciple I gave me some of my closest church friends. I also appreciated the end of class review where we got to tell our classmates what we really thought of them...in the best possible way. That exercise alone was worth the price of admission. --- David Ward

About 16 years ago, I started Disciple 1 Bible study, in large part to make my wife happy. I planned to go to a few of the 34 sessions and then to start to miss them...frequently! But something happened. I kept going regularly, and it changed my life (for the better). Yes, it was a lot of time, a lot of work, and it was worth it. I saw this in myself and in others who took the study. So, I highly recommend this study. --- Jeffrey Wetstone

We began Disciple 1 in our previous church at a time of internal conflict and uncertainty. As we read through most of the Bible during the study, it was comforting to see God at work in the lives of His people in all circumstances. The time we spent listening to the experiences and insights of others in our group helped us see the importance of discipleship in community. --- Dallas and Betty Pearson

The Disciple series provided me with a safe-space venue and close-knit group that were all committed to exploring God’s story and our places in it. I enjoyed taking a deeper dive into the books of the Bible. There I discovered people and stories from the past that allowed me to grow in relationship with God and to experience the challenges of Kingdom living. And best of all, DBS led to some life-long friendships with amazing and wonderful disciples of Jesus. --- Tom Reichert

I loved Disciple Bible Study, and it was transformational. I know most of the people in my small group got into Bible study that way and are eager to see it come back. --- Janet Eagles

As a younger Christian, I read the Bible through at least 10 times or more. However, it was not until Disciple 1 that I really began to understand the Scriptures. Disciple 1 created a hunger for learning; therefore, I took as many Disciple classes as I could find. Through it all, I learned that God is not only the God of the Bible; He is God of life and is with us every day! --- Carrie Miller

I took Disciple I at Glen Mar back in the 1990s. Although I grew up in the church and attended regularly, my only exposure to the Bible was from Sunday School lessons and the scripture passages in worship services. I had never really “studied” the Bible. Disciple I changed my life. For once I saw the Bible as a coherent book, not just small scripture passages. At the end of the course, I saw the Bible in a whole new light and came to appreciate the overall themes of the Bible and how the Old Testament and the New Testament are related. The following year I facilitated a Disciple Bible Study, and I have taken other courses since then. As a result of Disciple I, my faith grew tremendously, and I became more involved in many aspects of the church. --- Paul Behrens

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