Hurley #1: June 28 – July 4, 2020

In Hurley, VA, we create long-lasting relationships while building porches, bathrooms, roofs and making many other improvements in this impoverished Appalachian community. These trips are hosted by Hurley Community Development, Inc.. The annual "Hurley #1" trip is typically taken in late June after the school year ends, and is the larger of our two Hurley trips.

Stay tuned for details about our 2020 trip.

During our 2019 trip, 93 people had a fantastic week of relationship-building and ministry alongside the people of Hurley, VA. They had AMAZING God sightings and incredible testimonies to share. One parent on the team shared this:

Admittedly, the main impetus for me to do my 1st mission trip was to support my son wanting to do his 1st mission trip, yet I have found tremendous fulfillment in the experience myself. I found myself recalling the church summer youth retreats of my childhood and thinking how this immersion, active, collaborative trip is vastly superior of our youth. Thanks D.C.!

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