“Give Me 5” for Lent

Pastor's Ponderings

Dear Glen Mar,

Lent, from the Anglo-Saxon word for spring, is my favorite season of the church year. It is a time of preparation for baptism in the early church, and a time to draw closer to Christ through prayer, fasting, worship and service to others. For this Lenten time, will you join with me in these practices, as a way to strengthen our faith and prepare for Christ’s Resurrection Day? Let’s do a “Give Me 5!”

  1. Pray 5x a day: Upon rising, at mealtimes and when you go to bed. If you can’t think of what to pray, start with Thank you, God. Or try a 5-finger prayer….Thumb: those closest to you, friends and family. Pointer finger: those who point the way – praying for teachers, healers, pastors and helpers. Third Finger (tallest): Leaders (in government and otherwise) and those who make hard decisions. Ring finger (weakest): Pray for those who are sick, hurting, or in need and lastly (pinkie) for your own needs.
  2. Read 5 verses of scripture a day: Let’s read through the Gospel of Mark together. It’s the shortest gospel, and the one assigned for this lectionary year.
  3. 5 acts of radical generosity per month: Maybe you’d like to give the money you would normally spend on something that you are giving up to the church as a Second Mile Offering? Maybe you’d like to make cookies for your neighbor? Or send cards each week to Glen Mar’s shut ins? Donate some canned goods to the food bank?
  4. Join us for worship throughout Lent (starting with our Ash Wednesday services!) and
  5. Invite 5 people to join us for worship: Now is a time when people need the Lord more than ever…and it’s easy to share the link to our website or our Easter services with friends.

Ash Wednesday will have 2 options for worship: a Zoom service at noon or a drive-in service in the Glen Mar Parking Lot (details in email). And, get ready for our Lenten series, “Listening to Christ from the Cross.”

See you in worship,
Pastor Mandy

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