Give Me 5!

Dear Glen Mar friends,

In my sermon last week, I talked about how when we want to get better at something, we practice (using sports as an analogy), and that to get better as a Christian, there were standard practices of the faith, designed to help us love God more, love our neighbor more, and to grow in Christ. I challenged folks, as their "spiritual coach" to "Give me 5" - that is, in 2020,

Pray 5x a day (on waking, at mealtimes, and when going to sleep) (and if you don't know what to pray, try, "Dear God, thank you.")

Read 5 verses of Scripture per day (alone or in a group) and if you don't know where to start, start with Luke's Gospel. Because Luke is the Gospel of the Downtrodden, and it has always been the one dearest to my heart.

Invite 5 people to church this year.

Do 5 mission/service projects this year. Most Glen Mar folks do 5 of these a month, it seems like.

Give 5 dollars a week to the church if not giving anything now - I bet you will find you are blessed in the giving.

Attend worship each week (we have several options!) unless sick, working or out of town.

If you need help or resources to do these things, or would like a group to do them in, call or email the church and we'll hook you up!

This week, we'll be looking at the role of Scripture in a life of faith. What is the Bible? What is it for? What tools do we have to make these "Wonderful Words of Life" pathways to find Jesus, instead of barriers and roadblocks? Is there a way to take the Bible seriously and still say we need not avoid shellfish? (Lev. 11:10?). Come as we rejoice in the gift of Scripture, and hear what God has to say through it.

See you in Church,
Pastor Mandy

The Glen Mar Church building is closed to the public through 4/26. We will have worship online Sundays at 10 AM. Click for more information