Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Funds Transfer

What is EFT?
EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer. EFT allows you to transfer money from your checking or savings account directly to Glen Mar’s checking account. You may also know it as an ACH transaction (industry term for Automated Clearing House).
Can I pay my pledge via EFT?
Yes! You can set up your pledge to be taken out of your checking or savings account on a regular basis.
What is the advantage of giving by EFT rather than putting it in the offering plate every week?
For YOU the advantage is not having to remember your checkbook or envelope every week or remembering to catch up on your tithe if you are on vacation or out of town. It also eliminates the hassles of trying to get everything done before the offering plate is passed. For Glen Mar Church, it provides for a consistent income with less administrative overhead and more secure accountability. It is less expensive for the church, and it provides the needed resources for our vast ministries in a timely manner.
Shouldn't we include our offering as a part of the worship experience each week?
The Bible instructs us to bring the First Fruits of our labors to the Lord (Exodus 23; Deut. 26; Nehemiah 10). In an agricultural society, this meant that God's people would bring the first and best of their crops and herds to the Lord's house. In today's culture where the fruits of our labors - paychecks and even Social Security checks - are deposited directly into our checking accounts, and when mortgages, electric bills and phone bills are paid electronically, what better way is there to give God the first and very best of our labors than making sure that our tithe happens on a regular basis in the same manner.
But, what about when the offering basket is passed? I won't have anything to put in it!
On the contrary! If you give electronically, you are encouraged to pick up a few of the Widow’s Mites coins from the baskets at the entrance of the Spirit Center or an “EFT Giver Card” from the Welcome Center. You can prayerfully place these in the offering baskets as they come around, as a part of the worship experience of offering yourself to God. In addition, you will still receive a packet of envelopes at the beginning of the pledge year (before July 1st) with:

  • 2nd Mile Giving Envelopes
  • United Methodist Special Sunday Offering Envelopes
  • Special Holiday Envelopes: Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter
These give ample opportunities for giving above and beyond. Also, there are special offering occasions where you will find an envelope in your worship bulletin, as well as extra envelopes that are always available in the attendance pads. Even if you don't put any money in it, you can offer your prayers for Glen Mar Church and our community, or let us know how you want to offer yourself in some ministry area. Just write it on the back and put your name on the front.
EFT sounds like a great thing for me to do! How do I sign up?
Simple! Create a login and set the amount and frequency with which you would like to give.
What if I want to increase my tithe or need to change or stop my EFT?
  • If you choose to use the paper form you will see check boxes on the EFT Authorization Form that covers each of these. Simply complete a new EFT Authorization Form and turn it in to Bob Henry. We can adjust accordingly as long as we have your direction in writing. As long as you are not changing bank accounts, you do not need to provide another voided check.
  • If you choose to create a login, you control it by signing back in and making the changes yourself.
Can I have both my Annual Operating Fund and Capital Campaign Fund pledge taken care of via an EFT?
Yes! Simply indicate how you want it divided in the appropriate place on the EFT Authorization Form. In fact some folks even have a 2nd Mile giving amount transferred at the same time. Just write it into the form.
Am I the only one who will be using EFT for my contributions?
No! Having offered EFTs for seven years, we now have about 100 EFTs each month, totaling close to 30% of our pledged income that comes in each month.

If you prefer not to manage your giving online, you can print out a form and turn it in to the Glen Mar Church office. You can drop it off, or send it by mail:

Attn: Bob Henry, Financial Secretary
Glen Mar Church
4701 New Cut Road
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Questions about online giving should directed to Bob Henry, 410.465.4995, ext. 231.