Dear Glen Mar friends,

I'm still full of joy and love from our amazing time of worship last weekend! I'm grateful for music ministry, and all that helped make that weekend happen. As I have continued to think about Mary, the mother of Jesus, I'm reminded that in the Eastern Orthodox church, Mary is called "theotokos" - the God-bearer. In this season of Advent, we are reminded that in a sense, all Christians are called to be "God-bearers,"(not as Mary did - whew!), but in the sense that we bring the good news of the gospel, and we bring God's blessings to others, sharing Christ's peace, love, joy and hope this season.

This weekend, we'll truly rejoice, in the deepest sense, as we look at what Christian joy is all about. Where does it come from? How do we find joy in every season, including seasons that may feel divisive or painful or "joy-less?"

And, I'm grateful for our chance to be "theotokos" in our giving this Christmas season, especially on Christmas Eve. As a reminder, we'll give half of our Christmas Eve offering away: splitting the offering between Day of Service Meals and schools that need a blessing. When I called the Assistant Principals from our list of schools, they "exclaimed with joy" at the unexpected grace we offered. Several of them already knew what they would do with the money: subsidizing field trips for needy kids, forgiving school lunch debt, buying needed equipment, and more.

Please invite friends as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and give the Birthday Boy some great presents - as we do every day, in "praising God, growing disciples and serving the world."

See you in Church this weekend!
Pastor Mandy

The Glen Mar Church building is closed to the public through 4/26. We will have worship online Sundays at 10 AM. Click for more information