GOD’S Welcome – YOUR Smile

Dear Glen Mar friends,

Last weekend, I preached on the so-called "Foolishness of the Cross," and one of the things I talked about was that the Church isn't just a random group of folks that are "friendly" or "hospitable." It's not about "doing hospitable things." The Church IS hospitality, the Church IS Welcome (to all), the Church IS friendship, because the Church IS the body of Christ, who is welcome itself! As Advent and Christmas approach, seasons that are all about the grand hospitality God shows in sending the baby Jesus, God calls EACH of us to show welcome to guests and to each other in this place. It starts by committing to SEE one another. Would you be willing to say YES to that invitation by

  1. Pray for the people God will send to worship as you drive to church on the weekend, so that when you arrive, your heart is in a place of welcome? (I see you...)
  2. Smiling at people, looking them in the eye, and offering a warm welcome during worship? (I see you...).
  3. Joining our hospitality team as a greeter, welcome center host, or connector (which just means person who looks for people who look lost or unconnected after worship and goes to talk to them) (I see you...)
  4. When we interact with each other in love, each one in the room is beloved by God, and here as God's beloved guest. Show curiosity about them, learn their name if you do not know it. Think about ways they can connect into our church.
  5. Look for ways to show radical hospitality. What can YOU do that would make guests (or even people who are here all the time) want to give Glen Mar a great "review?" Share an umbrella. Open a door. Hook a person up with a pastor or a caring minister if they seem to need care or a listening ear.

Thank you for "being God's welcome" in this place. It's not just one person's "job." It's "Who We Are."

See you in Church,

Glen Mar Church is still closed to the public. However, Glen Mar ELC has reopened. Online worship will continue on Sundays at 10 AM. Click for more information