Dear Glen Mar friends,

I'm so grateful for our graduates and for the ability to celebrate them, albeit in an unusual way, last week. I'm grateful for prayer groups and Zoom calls, although I'm on too many Zoom calls. I'm thankful for long walks, and for the gift of our church's ministry that continues through this season. I'm grateful for our Task Force's initial work, as we continue to monitor applicable requirements, recommendations and guidelines. I don't yet have an anticipated "date" when we would "Re-gather," because it's important to do this work with care and not be rushed in our preparation, and because I don't want to give you one and be wrong. Just know that we are taking care, thinking creatively, and preparing as we can for a lot of possibilities. We are so grateful for the ways that online worship offers God's radical hospitality, often in a way that is more hospitable than worship with "restrictions." In the meantime, it's safe to say our main worship service will continue to be online for some time to come.

I pray that your Memorial Day weekend will include a chance to pray for the families and loved ones of those who have laid down their lives in service to our country, and a chance to pray for peace, and to give thanks for all the blessings God has planted in our lives. And we know, if we are blessed, we're blessed to be a blessing.

And speaking of blessings, this Sunday, we will be blessed by our Cherub Choir, who may be the cutest collection of Zoom faces I have ever seen, and we'll turn to the Book of Acts. I'll be preaching on Peter's healing of the beggar at the gate - as we wrap up our Ordinary Miracles series exploring how the church is called to be part of Ordinary Miracles for others.

See you online,
Pastor Mandy

PS Pastor Jen shared a lovely letter to the congregation in the most recent issue of The Messenger. You can read it here.