Great Three Days

Dear Glen Mar friends,

As we enter into these "Great Three Days" from Maundy Thursday to Easter Day, I've been shocked and saddened by recent destruction of houses of worship. The Cathedral of Notre Dame burned, and centuries of sacred art and history with it. I grieve the damage done to such a sacred place, where Christians have gathered across time to worship. I also grieve for our brothers and sisters whose churches burned in Louisiana. As I write this the suspect for those Louisiana fires has been charged with a hate crime. Tragedy compounded by acts of terror and hatred, during this most sacred of weeks. I grieve for the people who worshipped in the mosque that burned in Jerusalem this week as well. These losses are real, and both personal and a loss that affects the whole world too. It feels like Good Friday to see God's house in flames.

However, I have been encouraged by the pictures of a cross above rubble in Paris, and the reminder that our God cannot be confined to a building. God is bigger than the structures we build to contain God. The Church is not a building, not really. The Church is a people, the body of Christ, who share Christ's love so that Easter hope always has a way to rise out of Good Friday's ashes.

I hope you will join us tonight for our Good Friday service of Tenebrae ("Light and Darkness") as we hear again the story of Jesus' passion and death. We can sit in the darkness and wait for the light that is coming, because we know our Lord has been to all the dark places first. And I hope to see you on Sunday too - I'll meet you at the tomb - another "building" that our God could not be contained in.

See you in Church,