Growth, Confirmed

Dear Glen Mar friends,

I had the pleasure of signing confirmation certificates yesterday for some beloved Glen Mar 8th graders. We'll be confirming them this weekend, outdoors, at the church. To keep numbers low enough for safety, we're keeping attendance to confirmands, their families, and friends in faith. When the video is ready, we'll be able to share it with the larger church like we do our worship services so that the larger church family can participate too, albeit a little "after the fact."

As I prayed for each confirmand and signed my name, I remembered when some of these confirmands were born, because we were Glen Mar members then. For at least one of them, I had an excellent view of their baptism, because I got to stand up front by the font as their parents, and our church, promised to "surround them with a community of love and forgiveness" and to "help them grow in their love of God and be found faithful in their service to others."

I'm so grateful for the amazing young people they have become and are becoming, and for all the folks who came alongside them on the journey to help in their formation. As they become full members of our Church, they will help all of us grow too, and help other new disciples grow. What a gift of God they are!

I hope you'll join us this weekend online as we continue to look at some parables of the kingdom, where Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to small things - like mustard seeds and yeast. Small, like the babies these confirmands once were, and look what God can work up from such "small" things as these!

See you online, and see you in person soon,
Pastor Mandy