Holy Week

Dear Glen Mar friends,

Holy Week is here! Choirs and bands and preachers are hard at work preparing for a sacred, powerful, glorious Easter.

I hope you will join us this weekend for Palm (Saturday and) Sunday, and I hope you'll come out for Maundy Thursday service, 7:30 pm on 4/18, as we remember Jesus' last supper with his disciples and the commandment to "love one another as I have loved you." We will collect a special offering for cyclone relief for Zimbabwe/Mozambique, so please come on out. Good Friday will be a powerful journey to the cross in an ancient Tenebrae service of light and darkness at 7:30 pm on 4/19. On Easter weekend, we'll have services at all our "regular" times plus a sunrise service at 6:30 a.m. by the pond. The 8 and 9:30 services will be the same.

Easter is our biggest service of the year because folks who don't go to church on other days will come on Easter to check out the resurrection story or because they've been meaning to get back to church or because their family is in town....and that means, this is a chance to radically welcome people God will send to us. This is the time to be at our most patient and welcoming of visitors. I'm grateful that this church is a place where if someone is sitting in "our" seat, we count it a blessing because they are right where they need to be. They are guests in God's house and we are their hosts.

So...how can we get ready for the visitors we will have this Sunday (Palm Sunday) AND next (Easter)?

  1. Pray for the people God will send to us. Pray that we might be vessels for God's love and welcome. (Sign up for our prayer vigil on the board in the Gathering Place).
  2. On Easter weekend, if you normally come to the 9:30 service, please come to the 8 a.m. service. 9:30 is our largest service. Our guests tend to come later, which will put them in "overflow" seating. As a gesture of hospitality, if it is not a hardship, the 8 a.m. service will be the same as 9:30 and your 9:30 regular seat can go to a guest.
  3. If you normally come to Glen Mar, consider yourself a "host." Even if you are not part of our ushering or greeting team, a smiling face and a helpful word to a guest would be a blessing and a reflection of how much God welcomes them here.

I am so excited to be with you on my first Holy Week as your Lead Pastor. I hope you and your family will join us. It is the Greatest Story Ever Told and it wouldn't be the same without YOU.

See you in Church,
Pastor Mandy