How do we live?

Dear Glen Mar Friends,

"How do we live?" is a question that appeared on our Glen Mar Facebook page in response to a meme that I posted about the gospel being not just about how we get into the Kingdom of Heaven after we die but how we live in the Kingdom of God now. Given that, "How do we live?"

It's a beautiful question. My response on Facebook was

We love God and our neighbors in Jesus' name. We care for the least, last, lost and left out. We share our bread with the hungry, visit the lonely and share the good news of God's love. We live according to the example of Christ, who commanded us to love one another as he has loved us.

As the kids (finally) get out of school and we move into whatever summer looks like for us, I would remind us to take time to live out the faith vows we express. We will do this as a church with meaningful, powerful worship all summer long (Y'all come) and mission trips to places like Hurley, VA (we'll have record numbers this year), and Vacation Bible School, where hundreds of kids will grow in Christ and have a great time doing it.

I want to thank you for your generosity of time and finances, your commitment to our vision and mission, and your dedication to what Glen Mar is all about - sharing the love of Jesus with our neighbors, and growing as disciples of our risen Lord, who calls us forth to serve, and to change the world, in Jesus' name.
This week in worship, I'll be preaching on God's "still, small voice" and the lessons Elijah teaches us about life with God.

See you in Church,