In the band

Dear Glen Mar friends,

I was so blessed to be with so many others to hear the Quantico Marine Corps Jazz and Brass Band this week as part of our terrific Summer Concert Series. I knew all the old songs and my children knew all the current ones and it was just a great evening. It occurred to me that when church is going right, we are a bit like a great jazz and brass band. Everyone is playing their part and using their own particular gifts, from the tuba to the clarinet to the trombone, and the bass drum thumping underneath. It takes great communication, like when the "leader" nodded to the drummer for the last chorus to "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5 and the drummer nodded back. It takes listening and trust and a commitment to work together. I think United States Marines certainly understand this dynamic of teamwork and mission, maybe more than the average band. There were musicians of many ethnicities and backgrounds, and men and women, from cities and from rural areas too.

Church is like that. We depend on each other and need all the gifts God gives, in each person in the neighborhood, to show and share the love of Jesus, to make the music happen in a way that blesses the community. I'm grateful to be a part of all of it, with you!

Join us this weekend as we continue our sermon series, God's Neighborhood: Jesus, Mr. Rogers and Me, as we look at how to be "Neighborly" and I again change into a cardigan to preach. #loveMr.Rogers.

See you in Church,

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