Keep the Faith

Dear Glen Mar friends,

I continue to be in prayer for our community leaders as we navigate the waters of this season. Like many of you, I watched the Governor's press conference tonight (Wednesday), and heard a summary of our County Executive's conference. I just wanted to reach out to say, even if churches could technically be open as of 5 pm on Friday, we will not have worship in the building this weekend and will not "reopen" as a facility until we are ready to do so safely and in an intentional, well-thought-out way. We will keep things as they are until we have a plan in place, and the necessary supplies, to ensure safety, feasibility and reaching people in a meaningful and healthy way. When we "reopen" we will have to make adjustments to our way of being together that require planning and preparation, and I do not want to reopen until that work is done.

As I shared in worship, we have a Glen Mar Task Force working on how to safely reenter and gather, and they will be helping in our planning. They work on behalf of our Leadership Board and will be working closely with our staff as well. Joining me on that task force, I'm grateful to have:

Sue Neal-Lyman, Leadership Board Chair
Dale Worley, Trustee Chair
Barb Julian, Minister for Operations
Paul Behrens, Lay Leader
Drs. Mark and Dianne Landrum (Infectious Disease and Pediatric doctors, respectively)
Lauren Bauer, ELC Board Chair
Nancy Berge, SPRC Chair
Pastor Anna, Pastor for Community Life
Harry Rowell, Tech Team

In addition, our Bishop has issued detailed guidelines and instructions on safety and "reopening," too, that we need to make sure we can follow. So, for this weekend, plan to proceed online as we have been and plan to do that going forward, as we work on how and when to safely gather as a church. We want to do this deliberately and well - that is what faithfulness looks like in this season.

Keep the faith, friends. God is with us.

See you online,

P.S. This weekend we'll honor our graduates! You will not want to miss it!