Lo-ost and found

Dear Glen Mar Friends,

As I was thinking about Jesus as "Good Shepherd" for this weekend's preaching, I remembered this encounter from my "young mother" days.

"Mommy, it's lo-ost." My three-year-old makes "lost" a multi-syllabic word. His blue eyes register concern. He wiggles in his booster seat.

"What's lost, honey?" I'm making a peanut butter sandwich.

"My white jet plane."

I look in front of him at the fleet of aircraft assembled on the placemat. "It's in the toy room, right where you left it. You have more than enough planes to get through lunch."

"But it's lost, Mommy. We have to find it. Because it's lo-ost."

What follows is a fruitless discussion in which I point out that something is not lost if we actually know where it's located, that we don't have to have physical possession of something to protect it from the realm of stray socks and dropped pacifiers. My son is unconvinced. If the plane is not where it's supposed to be, if it can't be loved and flown and talked to, what does it matter if we know where it is?

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who counts each sheep as valuable. The sheep are so precious that it's not enough just to know where they are. Jesus wants to teach them, to move their hearts to repentance and faith and to love them even to the point of dying for them. I think Jesus wants this for each of us sheep, too.

That's the joy of our worship, that we have been loved and searched for and brought home. That's the joy of our Christian journey, that when we stray from God's path, God will follow us and bring us back and reconcile us over and over again. That's the joy of our common life together, that we are in turn the searchers and the found ones. This weekend, we'll continue our sermon series with Because He Lives: From "Lost" to "Led." #seewhatididthere

I hope you'll join us this weekend and bring MOM to church too. We'll be celebrating our graduates at the 930 service also!

See you in Church,
Pastor Mandy