Love lifted me

Dear Glen Mar friends,

"Love lifted me! Love lifted me! When nothing else could help, love lifted me!" The hymn writer uses the image of lifting to describe Jesus' rescuing him from sin, and the quagmire of life left to his own devices. Psalm 40 talks about a God who lifted the psalmist out of the miry clay and set his feet upon a rock. Perhaps you have known the feeling, either in your spiritual life or in your personal life, where you have needed a "hand up," or a "lift" from where you are to where God is calling you to go. Sometimes God's hand comes through a person, who provides the lift that is needed.

It is in these spaces, where need meets love, that we see the wonder of grace, giving love we didn't earn, lifting us when we are least able to help ourselves. When I went off to college, my parents got smarter in my eyes very quickly, as I began to see what they had done for me, the sacrifices they had made, for my education and as an investment in God's future for me. I said to Daddy one day, "I..I..will never be able to pay you back for all you have done for me." His response was, "Oh honey, of course not. That's not how love works. One day, your child will have that same look on her face, and you will explain to her, about grace, and extravagant love."

What is God calling you to do to show God's extravagant love? Perhaps God is calling you into a prayer life more focused on gratitude and less on complaining. Perhaps God is calling you to "lift" someone through visiting the lonely, or feeding the hungry, or writing a note to someone who has "lifted" you. Maybe God is calling you to "lift" someone in love through "Filling the Van" with food for our neighbors in Hurley?

At the Glen Mar Golf classic, in the rain, we raised $40,000 for Grassroots homeless ministry in Howard County. In Tarboro, two dozen Glen Martians served Christ by lifting roofs and doing construction repair. 25 youth lifted their hands to say, "Yes, I follow Jesus. Here I am Lord, send me."

I hope you'll join us this weekend as we talk about the nature of hope, and honor fathers, and lift up some praise to our God who cares for all of us.

See you in Church,