Making disciples

Dear Glen Mar friends,

I saw something on Facebook recently that said "A disciple is someone who has moved from being the recipient of the church's mission to being responsible for the church's mission." I think that's a good statement of what it means to be a fully mature disciple. One of the great joys of my pastoral life is when I see this happen - when people move from being confirmands to mentors, from nervous participants in BASE Bible class or Starting Point small group to small group leaders. It happens as a gift of the Holy Spirit, and also requires commitment and dedication on the part of the one who is growing. But mostly, it happens because of other fully mature disciples.

I'm grateful for the Glen Mar folks that have helped my love for the Bible to grow. I met Aileen Reichert and Carol Carew in a weekday Bible study when I was a new mom and a new Columbia resident. Together, we studied and wrestled with scripture, and with the help of some great pastors, I began to have courage to follow my call to ordained ministry. Great sermons, not just from our pastors, but also from people like David Ward and Lynne Phillips, helped me grow. Service projects at the Rt. One Day center and many Bible studies...all those things were important in my own growth as a disciple. A process that isn't over yet!

Jesus said to his disciples that he called them, not servants, but friends, and that they did not choose him. He says, "I chose you, and appointed you to bear fruit, fruit that will last." I am grateful that Glen Mar is a church that takes seriously that spiritual growth is not a luxury, to be done after we retire or when it is convenient. Because just as we ourselves were mentored and "chosen," we need to move into being mentored ourselves and "choosing" others.

Fully mature disciples make disciples and together, God uses folks like that to change the world. I hope you'll come to our fall kickoff for Sunday school this weekend and sign up for a Covenant study this'd be amazed what God can work up from folks willing to grow.

See you in Church,
Pastor Mandy

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