Making Space

Dear Glen Mar friends,

I've recently come to see that I often do not give myself space - space between appointments, space to think, space to breathe, adequate space to pray - in the "busyness" that is my living these days.

When we don't allow "space," we tend to forget that life is a gift (all of it, a gift), to be savored and appreciated. We fail to see the beauty God places all around us, in nature, in relationships, and in the joy of meaningful work. We then come to see our life in God, not as valuable for its own sake, but as a "task" to be worked on and fixed.

I want to invite us to put a little margin in our days and weeks, margin even within the task itself, to remember that we are "intrinsically loved creations of God's joy." (Tilden Edwards). It is in those spaces that we turn to God and are reminded that God is on the throne and can be trusted.

I'm grateful for the ministry of folks like DC Veale, our Minister of Missions, whom we will celebrate this weekend, in part because of the way DC has always reminded us that ministry is a "God thing." I recall a sermon he preached that was called "I am not, but I know I AM." The point was that ministry is not dependent on the work of any one person, not any one pastor, not any one program, but is dependent on God, the great "I Am," who calls each of us to use our gifts in furtherance of our mission... "Praising God, Growing Disciples, Serving the World."

Thank you for being a part of the Church, the Body of Christ, at Glen Mar. I'm so grateful for each of you. I wonder how God is calling YOU to serve? In the spaces in between, if we listen, God will speak.

See you in Church,

Glen Mar Church is still closed to the public. However, Glen Mar ELC has reopened. Online worship will continue on Sundays at 10 AM. Click for more information