Bunks Across America build

Our Sleep in Heavenly Peace ministry is an ongoing ministry working with the non-profit Sleep in Heavenly Peace - Howard County. SHP - Howard County is part of a national organization that builds bunk beds for needy children in the community. Glen Mar first partnered with SHP - Howard County during our 2019 Day of Service where we made 22 bunks, then helped construct another 32 bunks on March 30. Glen Mar took a lead role in SHP - Howard County’s recent National Build Day in June, by providing about half of the financial support to obtain mattresses and bedding and supplying about two-thirds of the 70 volunteers. The volunteers constructed and delivered 26 bunks for 52 local children in need of them.

Upcoming Builds

Stay tuned for information about upcoming builds.

More details will also be posted on Current Happenings.

Requesting Beds

If local disadvantaged families don’t want their children sleeping on piles of clothes on the floor or if anyone knows of a child’s need for a bed, they need only make an online request for free beds and bedding to SHP at https://www.shpbeds.org/request-free-twin-bunk-bed.

More Information

Contact Dan Kagey, shp@glemarumc.org, for more information on our partnership with SHP - Howard County.

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