Ten Reasons Why I LOVED My First Mission Trip
(… and Plan To Do More)!

-- From a participant in the Summer 2018 Hurley, VA mission trip

[1] The People: The Hurley volunteers were so kind, enthusiastic and inspirational as they prepared meals for us and worked alongside us on more than a dozen home repair projects. We also enjoyed getting to know our homeowner’s family, including four year-old Tae and seven year-old Collin.

[2] Crew Camaraderie: Our crew of eight included three adults and five youth, and we really bonded through the teamwork of fixing the roof and porch of a home.

[3] Seeing Our Youth Grow: What a privilege to see nearly 50 of our Glen Mar youth growing together through mission service!

[4] Free Time Fun: During the evenings, people went to the movies, got ice cream, played cards or corn hole, read books, etc.

[5] Devotions: Daily devotions and a mid-week church service were uplifting.

[6] Getting to Know Other Glen Martians: The week offered many opportunities to get to know one another better.

[7] Good Food: The chicken and dumplings and cookout in the park are not to be missed!

[8] Learning New Skills: As I’m not “handy”, I learned many new home repair skills.

[9] Change of Scenery: Hurley is a charming small town.

[10] Serving the World: What a fulfilling week!