“Having an advantage on the inside - someone who had gotten to know me and understood my story on a personal level - had obviously helped. It made me think deeply about the way privilege and preference work in the world, and how many kids who didn't have 'luck' like mine in this instance would forever find themselves outside the ring of power and prestige. ...I found myself surrounded by people--starting with my mom, grandparents, uncles, and aunts, and leading to a string of wonderful role models and mentors--who kept pushing me to see more than what was directly in front of me, to see the boundless possibilities of the wider world and the unexplored possibilities within myself. People who taught me that no accident of birth--not being black or relatively poor, being from Baltimore or the Bronx or fatherless--would ever define or limit me.”Wes Moore

Career Networking

Our volunteers help our program participants explore various career opportunities based on their interests. They also help them expand and grow those skills by

  • Providing tips and advice
  • Coordinating workplace visits
  • Attending networking opportunities
  • Interactively discussing the takeaways from career interest surveys
  • Conducting practice interviews and public speaking workshops.

Jeremiah and Gary (visit to U.S. Department of Treasury).

We help our students on their paths to success; we have their backs.



We work to match a student's career interests with an adult working in that area who is willing to help with tips and advice on courses, internships, and jobs, in addition to

  • Inviting young people to see what we do at work
  • Asking friends in our profession to host a young person at work
  • Talking about what’s important in high school and college
  • Visiting with youth throughout the year
  • Arranging visits to nearby colleges and universities
  • Placing our youth in internships.

These types of activities help young people envision themselves in these roles in the future and create their plans about how they will get there

Crystal and Sabrina (internship in Social Work).

Zarina and Suman (visit with a physical therapist).

Tamera and Caitlin (visit to a legal firm).

Contact Us

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Contact us to learn more about career networking and mentoring offered within the College and Career Prep program:

John Stapleton, 240.463.8620, collegeprep@glenmarumc.org.

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