College and Career Prep is completely staffed by volunteers from all walks of life who are interested in mentoring our youth in Baltimore City.

No particular skills are needed - we rely on the gifts and talents of our volunteers to the needs of each young person. There are many ways to help in our regular Tuesday meetings, and many more ways to help during the week. Our volunteers attend and help when they are able, and nobody is expected to be able to help with each meeting or field trip. Here are some ways to help our youth:

  • Become one youth"s champion
  • Become a tutor or mentor, and build a relationship with one or more of our youth
  • Help a young person begin to network
  • Help with homework, at our Tuesday meetings, or online when convenient
  • Teach a younger child learn to read or learn math facts
  • Visit the library with a youth
  • Help a student complete the FAFSA and navigate the college application process
  • Assist with transportation to the program, a visit with a career mentor, summer camp, ...
  • Invite a young person to see what you do at work,talk about what"s important to do in high school and college to succeed in your career, follow up with lunch on occasion
  • Organize a field trip to a college, to your workplace, to your church, or some other excellent adventure
  • Help with a Naviance career interest survey
  • Help practice for interviews
  • Offer an internship
  • Plan a program for Tuesday evening
  • Help a youth get his or her paperwork in order (transcripts, diplomas, birth certificates, ID, …)
  • Attend school inaugurations, graduations, and awards events
  • Pray for our youth and volunteers
  • Help our partner organizations in Baltimore who work with city youth
  • Find apps for the netbooks and other online resources that would benefit our youth
  • Look for summer job and year round job opportunities
  • Keep our website current
  • Recruit volunteers (including early adult, college age, and all ages of adults)
  • Invite speakers for our program
  • Help a youth with driver’s ed hours
  • Help a youth or adult with basic financial literacy
  • Help with financial incentives for reading program and academic success
  • Help with netbooks, laptops, internet access, and school supplies/equipment
  • Help with SAT prep materials
  • Help with Tuesday evening drinks and snacks
  • Provide an extra mile scholarship for college expenses beyond what Pell Grants cover
  • Provide a scholarship for career interest and career prep camps, such as Junior Achievement Biztown, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) camps, experiences in architecture, programming, cyber, …
  • Help with transportation expenses for college tours
  • Help with uniforms, professional attire


Terrance and Naashar at JA Biztown

Our volunteers have diverse backgrounds and skills – parents, college students, recent graduates, homemakers, teachers, educators, guidance counselors, speech therapists, advisors, scientists, and engineers. We have young people of all ages eager to take next steps toward success in school, in post-high school education, and careers

Dan's excellent adventures in chemistry.

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If you are interested in working with a child across the year (not every week but as often as you can), then you have all of the qualifications you need to help with this ministry. We pray for our children. Each Tuesday evening our youth rotate through stations reflecting the gifts and talents of our volunteers: reading, tutoring, math facts, puzzles, mindfulness, and of course relationship building.

Some of our volunteers can’t attend Tuesdays and instead provide “behind the scenes” essentials as their schedules permit. We also need volunteers to help transport our underserved city youth to and from Glen Mar worship and youth programs.

If you would like to find out more or volunteer, please contact John Stapleton at 240.463.8620, collegeprep@glenmarumc.org.

Glen Mar Church is still closed to the public. However, Glen Mar ELC has reopened. Online worship will continue on Sundays at 10 AM. Click for more information