“I learned that the way many governors projected the number of beds they'd need for prison facilities was by examining the reading scores of third-graders. Elected officials deduced that a strong percentage of kids reading below their grade level by third grade would be needing a secure place to stay when they got older” – Wes Moore

We start early, with an emphasis on reading. Our pre-prep program focuses on early education skills for kids who would otherwise have no place to go while their older siblings are attending. Volunteers read and discuss books with the children in our program. Our collection of books was recommended by local educators and librarians. Parents and youth are encouraged to visit the local libraries to take advantage of the variety of services they officer, including print and online books.

In the pre-prep part of our program, our kids learn letters, numbers, and begin to read, not only with help from adults but also other kids who already know how and are willing to role model.

Zymia reading her first sentence.

Building Interest and Skills

“They point to the decisive power of information and stories - the kind provided and modeled by friends, families, mentors, or even books.” - Wes Moore

We invite the young people to learn about their interests. A student who self-directs, who decides that he or she will take the next step, has the best chance for success. Our volunteers help children with:

  • Personality and interest profiles
  • Schoolwork
  • Time management
  • Free online resources
  • Improved essay writing
  • SAT, AP, and ASVAB exam prep

Lois and Rob working with Terrance on an electronics project.


Asai and Navaeh working on a puzzle with Michele; in the background Tyjay is checking in with Dan and Dave.

Financial Literacy

We help explain financial aid, how to live within their means in college (and beyond), and how to budget and invest.

Contact Us

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Contact us to learn more about connecting with a tutor, mentor, or another service within the College and Career Prep program:

John Stapleton, 240.463.8620,

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