Dear Glen Mar friends,

As you receive this, I will be delivering checks to local schools, making a difference for children and families, thanks to your generosity. As you receive this, we have just learned that Glen Mar has won the "Living the Dream Award" from the Howard County Dr. MLK Jr. Holiday Commission for our Day of Service. As you receive this, groups are meeting to study God's Word, Caring Ministers are visiting people who are sick or shut in, and we are all getting ready to welcome 1400 people on Monday to serve our community together. This is what Church is all about. (More details about all this to follow next week!)

Soon, we will have a Sunday morning opportunity to learn more about what is at the core of the Christian Faith, using a Bible study put together by our Bishop. Starting this Sunday, I'll be preaching on that core of the faith, inspired by the study. The series is called "The Making of a Methodist." You'll learn some of the bedrock principles of what it means to follow Jesus. We'll learn about and grow in the following areas: Grace, Discipleship, Scripture, and Service. In an era where the whole country it seems can't find much to agree on, come explore the things we do agree on, the "building blocks" of our past, and the "common ground" of our future as Jesus' followers.

See you in Church, as we honor Dr. King by being "drum majors for Christ" and see you on Monday as we put our faith to work, in Jesus' name.

Pastor Mandy

The Glen Mar Church building is closed to the public through 4/26. We will have worship online Sundays at 10 AM. Click for more information