Mother Hen

Dear Glen Mar friends,

Last week, Glen Mar hosted the Cold Weather Shelter, getting to know and to host and to share with our unhoused neighbors. There were games and crafts and meals and haircuts, and much laughter and fellowship too. We also raised over $15,000 for Grassroots Shelter at the Soup'r Sundae Silent Auction. Our UMW is planning a baby shower for the Columbia Pregnancy Center, our BASE Bible study looked at the Book of Revelation, and 60+ kids signed up to volunteer as helpers for our Vacation Bible School this summer. Folks from Glen Mar joined in an interfaith solidarity event with our Muslim neighbors... And how was YOUR week?

Last weekend, we talked about Jesus being pursued by Herod, and Jesus says, "Go and tell that fox for me...." that he'll be about his Father's business - healing the sick and casting out demons - and that he will do things in his own time. Jesus compares himself to a mother hen that longs to gather all the baby chicks under her wings. That image has been in my spirit of late. It's like everyone I meet is a baby chick, beloved and precious, and it's been a little easier to spot the "foxes" in my life. You know... those voices that tell me I'm something other than what Jesus says I am? Those nudgings that cause me to sin or "miss the mark" by believing what the foxes have to say?

Have you been claiming your identity as a baby chick in the brood of Jesus, our Mother Hen? Have you been spotting foxes and leaving them alone? It occurs to me that our church building sort of looks like a big old barn/henhouse... but maybe that's just me... And if you want to know more, check out my sermon from last weekend....

Looking ahead to this weekend, we are commissioning Stephen Ministers and supporting our kids' 30 Hour Famine - where our youth will fast for 30 hours to benefit those who don't have enough food. We are moving from foxes and hens to fig trees as we walk with Jesus to the cross. I'm really excited to be worshipping with you!

See you in Church,