Extreme Fundraising...It's Free!

The “Extreme Fundraising” programs share the common theme of not costing participants anything extra, as you spend only the money you already planned to spend. The programs are collectively generating over $20,000 per year of free money that supports many Glen Mar ministries and ministry partners. While the cost of participating in these programs remains zero, the benefits are very tangible, and include extra money that assists communities ravaged by hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, disease, decay and poverty.

Participating in these programs raises extra, free money for ministries. More importantly, it gives participants the opportunity to serve God in all that you do, even normal daily tasks such as shopping, searching the internet, eating cereal, and recycling. It requires only a small change in behavior and is very easy and very gratifying.

Seven Free Things You Can Do Today!

Use the Gift Card Program
Glen Mar purchases gift cards at a discount and sells them at face value. Your shopping experience remains the same, the method of payment changes. Average return to Mission Ministries is 5%.

Gift cards are for sale every Sunday in the Gathering Place. Checks and cash are accepted. Pre-orders for the next week can be placed also.

Download the Gift Card Sheet. This sheet contains a list of gift cards maintained in the inventory for sale every Sunday, as well as guidance on how you can direct 50% of the funds you generate toward family mission trip costs or to benefit other Glen Mar ministries.

Place an On-line Order
First, enroll at https://shop.shopwithscrip.com/Login/Enroll, using Glen Mar's enrollment code AF17656D14184.

Once you have enrolled, you can sign in any time at https://shop.shopwithscrip.com/Login and place an on-line order. You can also print cards at home, send by email or reload existing cards.

To pay for your on-line orders you may have a direct debit from your checking account (15 cent fee) or pay by credit card (2.6% fee). For additional information visit https://shop.shopwithscrip.com/Support/faq/online-payments or call ShopWithScrip Customer Service at 1-800-727-4715.

Questions? Contact fundraising@glenmarumc.org.

Fundraising Update:
Over $24,000 in scholarships have been provided for youth and adults to go on mission trips. Another $48,000 has been used to help over 100 Glen Mar families to reduce their mission trip costs. The hosts of our mission teams in New Orleans, Hurley, Virginia, Tuscaloosa, Jacksonville, Haiti and other locations have received an additional $20,000 in extra donations. The biggest beneficiary to date is the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). Your gift card purchases allowed Glen Mar to send an extra $6,500 to UMCOR after the 2011 Haiti earthquake. In addition, over $11,500 was sent to UMCOR for the 2018 California fires. All told, the UMCOR disaster and humanitarian relief funds have received over $39,000.

To date over $4 million in gift cards have been purchased by Glen Mar families, generating over $205,000 that would not have otherwise been available for ministry. It really is free, and it really makes a difference!

Register your Giant Bonus card in the Giant A+ School Rewards program
Giant frequent shopper cards can be registered to support the William Pinderhughes Elementary and Middle School in Sandtown, which is located one block from our inner-city ministry partner, Ames Memorial UMC. To register, please visit https://giantfood.com/sign-up/registration/#/lookup to submit your last name and card number. Please select school 18204 – the William Pinderhughes Elementary and Middle School at 701 Gold Street in Baltimore 21217. If you have problems you can contact Giant at 877.366.2668. It is only necessary to register your card once, as it carries over into future years.
Shop Online at www.iGive.com to Generate Rebates
iGive.com is a web-portal that re-directs you to the website you are going to use to shop, such as Walmart.com. Shopping via iGive.com generates rebates at no additional shopping cost to you. First visit http://www.iGive.com and choose Glen Mar as your cause. Then shop at over 2,000 on-line merchants. By starting your shopping at iGive.com, the merchants rebate a percentage of each sale.
Use www.GoodSearch.com to Generate Rebates and Revenue Sharing
Like iGive.com, GoodSearch.com generates free revenue at no cost to you. Visit http://www.GoodSearch.com and register as a Glen Mar supporter. Then shop on-line and select from over 5,000 on-line merchants.

You may also do web searches (i.e. to "google"), and each search generates a penny from their revenue-sharing program.

You may also register your regular credit cards and a percentage of sales from thousands of local merchants is credited back to Mission Ministries.

There are eight other ways to generate free money, such as completing surveys or playing on-line games.

Recycle cell phones
Recycled phones generate cash in support of Glen Mar's Mission Ministry Fund. Deposit them in/near the box near the kitchen or the Childrens Ministries office. We are no longer accepting printer cartridges.
Save your Box Tops for Education
All the money generated goes directly to support Glen Mar's ministry partner Hurley High School in Hurley, Virginia. Deposit them in the bins near the kitchen and the youth ministry office. To date Hurley High School has received over $3,800 – one dime at a time.
Support Glen Mar Ministries with Amazon Smile
When you register with Amazon Smile, ½ percent of every Amazon purchase is returned to Glen Mar’s Mission Ministries for scholarships for mission trips and other important ministries. Please visit www.smile.amazon.com to register – search for Glen Mar United Methodist Church. And don’t forget you can earn an additional 4% when you pay for each purchase using Amazon gift cards, which can be conveniently purchased every Sunday thru the Gift Card Ministry.


Free Blessings Shared Worldwide

By far the largest beneficiary has been the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), which has received over $39,000 for disaster and humanitarian relief programs. In support of Glen Mar’s commitment to Serve the World, over $23,000 worth of scholarships have been distributed to 100 adults and youth for mission trips. The hosting organizations of these same mission trips, plus Youth on a Mission (YOAM) trips and Volunteer In Mission (VIM) trips, have collectively received an additional $20,000 – an unexpected blessing for communities often in tremendous need. Many other Glen Mar ministries, including local, national and international ministry partners, have been blessed to receive an additional $53,000 distributed to or through Glen Mar ministries.

More Information

For more information on any of the extreme fundraising programs, contact fundraising@glenmarumc.org.

Glen Mar Church is still closed to the public. However, Glen Mar ELC has reopened. Online worship will continue on Sundays at 10 AM. Click for more information