Whether new to the area, just checking out our site, visiting on weekends or looking for a place grow your faith, we welcome you and invite you to check out all that is happening at Glen Mar. Stop by the Welcome Center on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us.

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At Glen Mar, you’ll find worship that is relevant, varied and inspirational. Learn about our worship times and styles.

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From young children, to youth, to adult, you’ll find opportunities to learn and grow in your faith.

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Find your passion, discover your gifts, serve in mission. There is something for everyone

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Throughout the world or close to home, dozens of members are involved in mission at Glen Mar.

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How long has Glen Mar been around?
Glen Mar Church was founded in 1954 and actually began holding services in the Ellicott Mills Middle School, not far from our current location. In 1955, the congregation moved to a building at Glen Mar Road and Route 104. We've been on our new, spacious campus since July 13, 2008.
This church looks pretty big already. Will anyone remember my name? How do I know I won't be just a number?
One of our values is creating a caring community that respects the sacred uniqueness of every individual. Everyone is encouraged to participate in a small group, Bible study, or ministry team where they can get to know others and be able to give and receive care. Our sense of belonging comes primarily from relationships with others in these small groups. Sunday morning fellowship time between services also provides many opportunities to get to know new friends, as well as discover co-workers or neighbors who also attend Glen Mar.
How many people come to worship each Sunday?
Currently about 700 people attend worship at Glen Mar each Saturday or Sunday.
Can anyone take Communion?
You do not need to be a member of Glen Mar, or of any church, in order to receive Communion, which is offered on the first Sunday of each month. We believe the Lord's table is open to all, and that the Sacraments are God's gift given freely and without restrictions.
Am I going to be pressured to join?
You and your family are welcome to participate in any activities at Glen Mar without being members. Membership involves a higher level of commitment. Members are expected to attend worship regularly, participate in Bible Study and/or a small group, serve in a ministry that matches their gifts, and give of their resources to God and God's ministry in the world. If God leads you to want to step up to that level of commitment, we would be glad to talk with you about how to take that step. But you will never be pressured to join.
Do I have to put money in the offering plate?
Members are expected to give proportionally of their resources to support God's work in the world. Visitors are invited to respond to God and participate in the life of Glen Mar by giving any amount of their finances to the church and its ministries.
If I'm not a member, can I join the choir?
Absolutely! You are welcome to join the choir, or any other ministry or group at Glen Mar that your gifts and passions lead you to want to join. Stop by the Welcome Center on Sunday morning to get more information about Glen Mar's many choirs and other groups.
Can I drop my kids off for Sunday School?
You can bring your children to Sunday School and then attend worship or an adult class while they are learning at their levels. We strongly encourage the entire family to participate together, so that everything they hear and learn can be shared and discussed as a means of growing spiritually--both as individuals and a family. We understand that parents are the primary ones to help their children grow in faith, and we are here to help parents do that more effectively.
Can I keep my children with me in worship if I want to?
Absolutely! Children are always welcome in worship. We at Glen Mar are never bothered by noise children may make in worship. A church without children in worship may be more quiet, but to our way of thinking does not reflect the family of God. Children and youth are not just the church of the future; they are the church now, and full participants.
What if my child is unhappy in childcare?
When you drop your child at the childcare suite, you will be given a pager. If they become upset, you will be paged. Of course, you are always welcome to have your children in worship with you if you wish (see above).
Who are the people who will be working with my children? Do they have experience?
Our minister for children and families, Margaret Prechtl, has many years of experience loving and nurturing children and helping them grow in faith. She has recruited and trained a wonderful team of teachers and assistants who will love and nurture your children. Glen Mar also practices Safe Sanctuary policies, and has strict child protection procedures and screening for all who relate to children or youth.
My child has special needs. Is my child welcome?
Absolutely. You child is as welcome as anyone else at Glen Mar. We regard everyone of any age or circumstance as a unique individual of sacred worth.
Is Glen Mar equipped for people with physical disabilities?
One of the primary reasons for our move to our new site was to have a facility that was fully accessible to all. Persons with physical disabilities are able to participate in every aspect of Glen Mar's life, including serving as worship leaders, and lay readers.
What if I'm a little hard of hearing?
Hearing assistance devices are available to assist those who may be hard of hearing. Just ask an usher or visit the sound room in the back of the Spirit Center, and someone will be able glad to assist you.