Picnic Plans

I'm excited about Sunday's church picnic to celebrate all the great things we've been able to accomplish for Christ this year - all because you put YOUR gifts of time, talents and treasures in the hands of the Master. It's appropriate that we celebrate with food and fun! I really love that Jesus enjoyed meals with people of all descriptions. One of the criticisms of him was that he ate with tax collectors and sinners a lot. (See Luke 7:34). We of course gather at the Lord's Table regularly to share in God's grace.

It reminds me of my grandmother's dining room table, which in my memory was the size of a football field. She had 5 kids and many, many grandchildren. We'd gather for Sunday dinner and Granddaddy would always say the blessing, but I noticed before he said it, it was my grandmother who started it by staring meaningfully across the table and saying, "Joe..." It was a reminder that he not forget that important step in his fatherly responsibilities.

The food that weighed down the table was a gift from God - especially in summer, when we had tomatoes from the garden and true Vidalia onions and fresh cucumbers and hot biscuits. And the faces around the table, all kin to me, by blood or by marriage, also gifts from God. When we gather around the table, or for Sunday's picnic, I hope you'll take a moment to thank God for the bounty provided and for all the people God has sent and will send to be a part of our family (related by baptism)!

See you in Church,