Put Your Phone Down…

Dear Glen Mar friends,

Today is our daughter's 17th birthday, and we had a nice dinner and dessert for her, with a present or two. We "toasted" her with our sodas, and gave thanks to God for her precious life. We talked about how she was as a brand new baby (curled up in a ball, and looking at us with a degree of wise contemplation, as if she hadn't quite figured things out yet), and we named gifts we see in her from God. And, also, her big brother teased her, good naturedly, of course.

When the kids reached for their phones at dinner, I said, "Oh no. Not tonight. Tonight is for being present here, as a family." And they knew I was right. It's so easy to get distracted in the details - and end up missing the party. Jesus invites us all to spend time with him, to take time to be present with him, and to let the assurance of his presence with us give us peace and joy in times of trouble. Today may not be your birthday, but in Christ, you are a new creation, and your savior is calling you to spend some quality time with him, so he can tell you who you are, and who you are called to be. So put down the phone, and don't worry about the dishes.

Take time to be with Jesus - feel your Master's joy in having your attention and presence. Don't forget to "play."

See you at Saturday Night Live (RSVP below), where we'll talk about trusting God - how to do it and what gets in the way....and See you Online on Sunday for more of our August Family Worship Series - Playdate with Jesus,

Pastor Mandy