Service, Salt and Scouts

Dear Glen Mar friends,

This week, we will talk about Jesus' call to be "salt and light" and we will lift up "service/mission/justice" as an essential value for the "Making of a Methodist." It's also Scout Sunday, and being a Scout, like being a Christian, is about serving others.

Because we are talking about "salt and light" and service, I thought I'd share some "thank you's" that have crossed my desk recently:

A great letter from our own Jennifer Broderick, Executive Director for Bridges to Housing Stability, sharing that through our partnership, they were able to provide housing and housing support to 200+ families-safe, permanent, affordable housing. #saltandlight

A letter from the United Methodist Committee on Relief thanking us for our generosity - UMCOR provides disaster relief in the US and more than 60 countries, engaging in direct ministry to the needy. (Our own Woody Eddins did a trip recently to Saipan for 2 weeks with UMCOR, helping with tsunami recovery!).

Letters from school principals thanking us for our Christmas Eve donations and marveling that a church would care about their community enough to give so generously. "Your donations and support are truly amazing..." and "This is a true blessing that will support many student programs..." and "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Mission trips are being planned this year to places like Hurley, VA, Tarboro, NC, Baltimore, MD, and the Bahamas...

What are some ways God is calling us to shine, and be "salt," in this season? Come to worship to discover this call to serve - it's a core Methodist value, but we learned it from Jesus.

See you in Church,
Pastor Mandy

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