Sharing Our Gifts

Dear Glen Mar friends,

I've been thinking more about loaves and fishes, and how Jesus can work miracles with what looks like "nothing" to us. We tend to operate from a "scarcity" mindset, as seen from the run on toilet paper and sanitizer at the start of this COVID season. And as part of that, we always want MORE. More stuff, more money, more time, and in my case, more ice cream. I think this season invites us to rest in the notion that we can trust God to provide enough. And what is our role? Our role is to place our gifts in the hands of Jesus, and trust him with the miracle-making and the multiplication.

What gifts do you have in your satchel that Jesus could use at Glen Mar? Some of the gifts I have to give include faith, humor, teaching, and a gift called exhortation (which I think of as encouragement meets persuasion meets Jesus meets words). Lydia loves worship and also tech/computers, so she very happily sings and edits and plugs long extension cords in on Saturday nights for our vespers service (weather permitting). Eric loves helping people grow as Christians, teaching, and playing the piano, so you'll find him making music or making disciples, along with some other great folks, through upcoming Bible studies this fall. Nathan loves the environment, and working with kids. I've served, in past lives, on Trustees, helping our church be good stewards of our facility and our "stuff", and Eric's served on finance and stewardship, helping make sure ministry can happen, by encouraging giving and managing resources.

We are working on identifying some people who might like to try out some opportunities to serve within the church. Like any church, it can be easy for the "same people" to always do the "same things" and it's hard for me to know everyone well enough to would you do me a favor? Here's a short (10 question) survey with some opportunities to serve: Would you be willing to give some of these a try? And if you're not sure where to serve in our "biggish" church, we'd like to know that too (that's question 10).

Thanks for putting your gifts in the hands of Jesus. You'd be amazed what he can do with a few "sardines and saltines" - and we need everyone's gifts in order to be the best church we can be!

See you online, or in person if it doesn't rain, for Saturday Night Live,
Pastor Mandy

PS RSVP for SNL here