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Dear Glen Mar friends,

As we continue our worship series called “I See You,” about how God sees us and how we are called to see one another, I have noticed this week several “God sightings” – evidence of God at work at Glen Mar Church. One special way is through our amazing Vacation Bible School happening as I type this. I hear laughing children who are learning about how God sees, hears and comforts them when they are in trouble.

This week, the theme is “Treasured,” and one of my favorite parts has been the group skit and singing time (“Quest”). Specifically, I really enjoyed one skit where the main character, Dr. Diggingstone, an explorer,  has a hand held “metal detector” and is searching for treasure. She is frustrated when the metal detector doesn’t detect any treasure in all the places she is looking. The kids see that, strangely, the metal detector goes off whenever it gets close to a person (one of the children, a teacher, or one of the singers). From this, the children learn that they are the real treasures in God’s eyes!

This week, we’ll explore how God sees us as beloved and treasured as we look at the baptism of Jesus and you’ll get to learn a VBS song or two as well.

”See“ you in Church,
Pastor Mandy

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